This is the 7 Benefits Powerful Fat For Your Body Health

30 Mar 2015
"Body Fat", may be the real enemy for the modern man today. They are eager to reduce and even stop to consume a variety of foods containing these fats. In fact, fat is a substance that is needed by your body. Various health risks can arise, if the body lacks the necessary fats. So, what are tremendous benefits to the health of the body fat ... ???.

    Companions, health tips. The second fact, there are two types of fat in food are good fats and bad fats (trans fats). Well, your body desperately needs good fats to support a wide range of performance and improve the health of all organs of the body. Good fats can be found in a variety of foods you eat that comes from animals (animal fats) and fats (vegetable). Adequate consumption of good fats is absolutely done. Here are 7 powerful benefits for the health of your body fat:
  1. Always Maintain Optimal Brain Function. Nearly 60 percent of brain tissue made up of fat. Inconceivable, if you even anti to consume foods that contain fat. Fat in question are derived from fish (omega 3), avocado and nuts.
  2. Play a Role In Helping Absorption Vitamin. The function of fat that is not less important, that was instrumental in helping the absorption of various vitamins needed by the body. So, what happens if you eliminate foods that contain fat into your diet.
  3. More Early Arrival of Alzheimer's ward. With increasing age of a person, a variety of health problems would be vulnerable appear as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other brain disorders. Consuming foods that contain fat can help the absorption of vitamin D. Vitamin D is what can degrade a wide range of problems and disturbances in your brain.
  4. Maintaining Lung Health Organ. Fats also play an important role in order lungs can work more optimally while keeping your lungs. This is because, most of the lungs coated by a substance called fat.
  5. Improve Your Immune System. Consume enough foods that contain fat may help white blood cells in the ward and destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi that can threaten the body at any time.
  6. Helping Caring for Your Skin And Body. This is because, most of the cell membranes in the body is composed of fat. With sufficient for fat needed by the body, the cells making up the body will awake health and eventually the skin becomes healthy, smooth and shining all the time.
  7. Heart Healthier And Stronger. Fat, especially saturated fats contribute greatly to improving the health of your heart organ (saturated coconut oil). So, masihkah ignore the fat in your diet everyday ... ???.

    Good tips on health to review 7 tremendous benefits for the health of body fat can be beneficial for all readers. Finally, the warm greetings of the author.

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