5 Risks Of Using Smartphones to be Excessively

30 Mar 2015
"Smartphone Or Smartphones", may already be familiar to most people. Even smartphone users from day to day tends to increase in uncontrolled. Various features and applications on smartphones make the owner did not want to stay away from his smartphone that. This is the ringleader of a variety of disorders and health problems that you may feel at this moment. So, what are the actual risk of excessive use of smartphones is ... ???,

   Companions, health tips. Not a few who say that smartphones make it easier for a person's daily life. With a smartphone in hand, then all the work that can be done only once on a computer or laptop can be replaced by a smartphone role. The reason is what makes the smartphone market increasingly sold gadget world and in our country. However, the use of smartphones blindly can be bad for your health. Here are 5 real risk of excessive use of smartphones:

  1. Increases Risk finger cramps and inflammation. Finger, wrist and elbow at hand is the most sacrificed from excessive use of smartphones. The effect would start you feel like frequent cramps in the fingers and the risk increases inflammation in the joints (tendinitis). Solution, limit the use of smartphones and stretch after using smartphones in the three areas above.
  2. Causes Sore Neck And Back In Regions. Most smartphone users always plays down when looking at his smartphone screen. This is resulting in pain or pain in the neck and back. The solution, smartphone align with your head, then the pain in both areas can be avoided.
  3. Eye Health endanger. Smartphone usage time span so long surely a bad effect on organs such as the eyes begin to blur, dry eyes and eyes getting tired. The solution, adjust the font size on a smartphone as comfortable as possible, often winked and occasionally switch the view of a smartphone with a look at more distant objects.
  4. Risk of Exposure Symptoms Nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear to live, if you have to live without a smartphone in hand. The solution, do not often check smartphones by placing them in a bag and not in Your Pocket. And take at least one day without a smartphone. Dare you .... ???.
  5. Destructive Jam Night's Sleep. There are a lot of which must be checked at your own smartphone as a variety of social networking and e-mail updates that have not been read. This is what makes a person awake until late at night. The solution, keep the smartphone from the bed or the reach of your hand.

   Good tips on health to review 5 real risk of excessive use of smartphones to be useful to the reader. Finally, the warm greetings of the author.

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