Here's 7 Tips to Stay Healthy Toward Retirement Arrived

26 Mar 2015
"Retirement" is one of the events that will be faced by the majority of people who work in a company or personnel system to a system of government. In fact, age is one sign that the person is worthy of a pension or not. The level of a person's health who are approaching retirement are also usually decreases drastically. For this reason, it is important to maintain a healthy body towards retirement arrives. So, what are the tips to stay healthy before the arrival of the retirement ... ???.

     Companions, health tips. Population growth in Indonesia increased from day to day. So no wonder, the number of job seekers and those facing retirement would also have increased quite high. Especially for those facing retirement has to be prepared with a variety of consequences such as wages and declining levels of physical health. There are some tips to maintain a healthy body towards retirement arrives. Here are 7 tips to stay healthy ahead of retirement arrives:

  1. Try To Brain Stay Active At Any Time. With increasing age of retirement, then we are often faced with a sense of lazy to learn new things. In fact, the brain organs must remain active to improve memory and prevent Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Often read books, do crossword puzzles, learn a foreign language and learn new things can keep the brain active.
  2. Light exercise. Do not let the body lazing in bed all day. Begin to set up a schedule for a light workout that is easy and does not burden you. You can start by waking up early and getting out of the bedroom to do healthy activities such as walking around your house.
  3. Add Time To Interact With Others. Do not let yourself look dreamy, alone and lonely. You can start by talking with your husband / wife you and perform a variety of activities that benefit others (join the community you are interested).
  4. Visiting New Places. This is one that is healthy and fun activities you can do. By visiting new places can be more open to new insights plus can mengolahragakan body without you knowing it.
  5. Do a Body Balance Sports. Muscles, joints and bones need to be trained and motivated to stay healthy and strong to support the weight of your body. There are different types of exercise that is recommended to be done such as swimming, yoga and walking up and down in the field.
  6. Sleep Early. It is important to oblige ourselves enough sleep every night, especially for those who are already mature and ripen. Highly recommended to make conditions comfortable bedrooms, quiet and warm and has dim lighting.
  7. Agendakan Time With Your Doctor. Unstable health condition would make you feel worried at any time. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with a doctor of your choice about the current condition of your health.

    Good tips on health to review some easy tips to stay healthy ahead of retirement came to be useful for all readers. Finally, a warm greeting from author

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